Fishlake History Society

Recording historical information before it disappears

Fishlake History Society

Recording historical information before it disappears

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Press cutting on restoration of church

Princess Royal visits Fishlake Sept 2007

Fishlake Findings 20 Sept 2007

Mythical Beast in Churchyard

Medieval Market

Middle age spread!

Country Diary Old Memories

Fishlake Findings

Fishlake Findings

Fishlake Show August 2000

Journey to the Isle of tranquility

The Cesspool Debate

Mary Maud Schofield, Miss Muffet outfit 30 Augt 1977.

Henry Griffin 1976

Mucky Lane

Fishlake Church News


Harold Hodgson retires 1972

Fishlake WI 1949

Edna Brownbridge - by Kath Fox 1983

Gypsy funeral in Fishlake 1972

Monday Club at work

Doncaster and District Advertiser circa 1914

Snow and flood

Fishlake School

1965 Street Lighting Debate

Schoolmistress v The Vicar

1960s Street Lighting debate

1971 Playing Field issues

1964 Mouse damage to Parish Records

Mice destroy ancient records(1960s)

1951 Parish Council Elections

1965 Street Lights or Mains Sewage

Sewage problems 1970

Further Mains Drainage views 1965

1965 Speed limit, Lighting and Sewage

1965 Mains Drainage concerns

Doncaster Gazette Mystery

Monday Club - The Old River bed

Copied extract from Thorne Advertiser circa 1914

Memories of Floods, Feasts and Farms from a Doncaster Newspaper circa 1950

Doncaster Gazette and Chronicle May 18 1967

1960s Sanitation debate

Edna Brownbridge and her hen

Leslie Hodson - sub atomic particle researcher

Fishlake School days 1978

Death of George Downing aged 87

Death of William Downing aged 91

1950s day out - Trentham Gardens

Fishlake W.I in 1949

Harold Hodgson, Engineer 1972


Press Cutting circa 1930

Fishlake Hall Sale 1803

Thomas Downing of Fishlake RTA 1898

Fishlake War memorial June 6 1919

Sid Gilson, Fishlake 11.2.1976

Arthur Wilcock, newspaper man 1976

Fishlake to get Street Lights 15.05.1975

Fishlake School Group 06.04.1984

Fishlake Mini-sewage works 21.04.1980

Mary Maud Schofield Fishlake 06.07.1977

Bored Maud, Fishlake 10.06.1976

Skating on the River, Fishlake 1934

Fishlake School class 1894 and 1994

Rev V Wells trying to save Church Cottages March 26 1973

4 ladies from the Fishlake WI 1973

Ann Wraith Trance Case from Birmingham Journal 10 Spet 1842 but Ann was buried 18 June 1858 aged 72

George Greenfield Suicide 1866. Thanks to British Library

Auntie Postie Retires in 1927. Thanks to British Library

Vera Coom killed by lightening 1914. Thanks British Library

Lace stolen by bird for nest 1867. Thanks to British Library.

Bird nesting custom in Fishlake from W Henderson, Folk-Lore of the Northern Counties of England 1879

Fishlake born Rev J J Hodson shot dead 1937. Tanks to British Library

Prof H Thompson at Fishlake in 1929. Thanks to British Library

Lt James Cuthbert Page WW2 hero born in Fishlake

River Don Diversion 1942. Thanks British Library.

Disgraced Fishlake butcher from Kendal Mercury 31 July 1858. Thanks to British Library.

Fishlake stolen Poultry 1954.

Skeletons found in Fishlake from North Wales Chronicle 26 Jan 1847. Thanks British Library.

Sale of White Lion Pub, Fishlake,1788. From Doncaster Gazette. Thanks British Library.

Celebrating bar and Bowl

Fishlake Cricket Camps April 1993.

Fishlake well on form June 25 1992.

Fishlake Cricket Ground inaugurated by Mike Cowan.

Cricket is important April 30 1992.

25 Anniversary Fishlake Cricket.

Fishlake well on form, Cricket of cause, June 25 1992.

Fishlake Cricket Club celebrates 21 years

Fishlake Village in the spot light May 7 1964.

Fishlake School in the Doncaster Chronicle 1 Feb 1962

Shooting accident, 18 February 1939. Leeds Mercury.

Mr J England. 30 April 1938. Sheffield Independent.

Jack Simpson Drowned. 20 July 1929. Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer.

Rebecca Eva Terry drowning. 25 August 1916. Yorkshire Evening Post.