Fishlake History Society

Recording historical information before it disappears

Fishlake History Society

Recording historical information before it disappears



I have brought together six rare early images of Fishlake in one location, all prior to 1900.





A Samuel Buck pencil sketch of Fishlake Village dated circa 1720’s.
The South West Prospect of Fishlake Village ascribed to Samuel Buck (1696-1779).

The Buck brothers Samuel and Nathanial produced many such engravings (mainly Samuel) while walking through rural England.


In this image we can see the old course of the River Don and the familiar sight of the Parish Church. On the left of the picture the Hall Farm can be seen, the frontage largely unchanged. However the sketch appears to show the property was larger then with a two bays as indicated by a double roof. Standing proud in the foreground is a dovecote with birds flying above. This detail corresponds to contemporary descriptions of the property. Buck ascribes the ownership to Mr Simpson (Francis Simpson) which is correct. The sketch also shows a number of other properties in the village including Mr Perkins house close to the church. This maybe what was Church Farm. Artistic licence must be taken into account when viewing this image.


An illustration of Fishlake Church and surroundings by Roland Hubbard of Sheffield dated 1835. Note the original position of the church clock facing South. The marks where it was formally situated can be seen to this day. See what would have been Church Farm on the left.


Here we have the Rev David Methven, Curate in Charge 1887-1889. Not sure about the other characters, however I would suggest on the far right the school master, Henry Brooks who was a church warden at this time. On the far left could be Richard Walker who was the other church Warden with Henry Brooks at this date. The other person could be George Downing, Sexton and bell ringer.



Fishlake Endowed School pupils with on the far left Head Master Mr Henry Brooks c 1897. Henry (1833-1905). Compare this picture of him as church warden in the previous image. He was headmaster at this school for over 30 years.



Not sure of the date but given the quality of the picture it must surely pre date 1900. It shows an unusual view of the village church and vicarage. The old course of the River Don with boat and boat man. The vessel is a Cob usually towed behind a Keel. Can you read the name of the Cob on the stern?


My personal favourite. A classic village scene with Haywain and driver. The name of the driver is still conjecture. It must date before 1901 as the old clock can be seen on the tower which was replaced in April 1901. The time of year would be May/June given the bay load and trees in leaf.


Rob Downing December 2023.